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Nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plant engineering

We have inspected the technical documents and strength calculations of machinery with highest safety rating in the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant. These included over 200 pieces of equipment and machines, mostly located inside the containment building. Examples of these parts and machines include; Pressure vessels, pipelines, heat exchangers, filters, pumps, valves, instrumentation, lifting equipment, steel structures and emergency diesel generators. The inspections were carried out in accordance with Finnish nuclear power plant regulations (YVL). Also ASME, RCC-M and KTA codes were used. The inspection process also included visits to manufacturers and test sites in Europe and in the USA.

Technical design and development of equipment for process industry

Process industry design

Part of our personnel has been working for many years in a project which includes development and technical design of process industry equipment. The work has been carried out in our customer’s office and organization, and the products are globally sold and fitted to every project individually. The development process has successfully increased the efficiency of the products. Lamprotek Oy has organized the training and education of personnel specific for this project as well as equipped the workers with powerful computers and necessary CAD software.

Pressure equipment – Expert services

Pressure vessel design

The project included the conversion of customer’s technical documents and strength calculations from PED / EN rules to fulfill the requirements of the ASME pressure vessel code. This included the choosing of appropriate materials, creation of technical files, creation of strength calculations, creation of welding procedures and defining the need for heat treatment.

Certification of a production line

CE mark

In this project we carried out a certification of a large production line. The certification was carried out in accordance with the European Union directive for safe use of machinery. While the individual production machines were already certified by the manufacturers, we examined the production line as a whole taking in account also the hazards outside the immediate vicinity of the production machines. The risk assessment was carried out by first identifying the hazards and then assessing their severity and possibility of occurrence.


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